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Monday, November 02, 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Addresses Global Climate

By Holly Wood

I saw MJ's posthumous documentary film, "This Is It" this past weekend and it truly captures the 50-year old megastar at his peak. That's right. His peak. Michael Jackson showed in the film that not only does he still 'have it,' but he also showed that he was better than ever in voice and dance. His band was ready to conquer the world with Michael and the insights shown in this tribute film are the best second to the real thing. The world was waiting to see the spectacle MJ had constructed for them. It would have been the best live shows of all time. No wonder the O2 sold out 50 shows in advance. The fans in London had faith that MJ would deliver. And was he about to deliver. If you haven't seen the film, it is definitely worth the time, effort and money.

Interestingly, MJ addressed climate chanage and destruction of the Rainforest. He had an environmental video prepared to show in concert and the film included it. It is a powerful statement about how MJ would have been instrumental in influencing the global warming debate. Copenhagen would be going on during his concerts. The environmental film clip ended with a bulldozer on stage.

Putting the film out on the Halloween weekend was very smart. MJ would have appreciated that. He had retooled "Thriller" and definitely 'jacked it up' a notch or two. The ghouls were ghoulier and the stage spider would have been a very big hit. The Humphrey Bogart machine gun video clip with MJ was cute too in the "Smooth Criminal" segment.

MJ we love you. The world is reduced without you, but you left us enough material to enjoy you for decades to come.

UPDATE [1/23/10): They will be picking at the bones of MJ forever. Now from TMZ:

An entertainment company wants a piece of Michael Jackson's estate -- $285,000.The Machine Management claims Jackson hired the company to develop commercial relationships in the animation world. And MJ wanted help in creating a Michael Jackson film label that would package original film projects.The claim also says Jackson wanted help in creating a "Michael Jackson Global Warning Awareness Initiative."
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