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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Do Love Pink: If Only Everybody Could Be So Honest

By Alan Smithee

Pink puts it out there. She uses her personal trials and tribulations for artistic expression of the uneasiest sort. Pink gets such joy out of making us uncomfortable. From the piercings and hair and tattoos to hide her natural beauty to her dysfunctional relationships, Pink funks. And rocks. One thing she does not do is hide in the corner and introspect without public confirmation.

Pink is a genius. A genius at putting her feelings and experiences on display. With a hook. And a look. She is the unusual talent in the 21st Century who actually has something relevant to say about the things going on around her and in her life.

Anyway, I could blabber on about her, but just check out this Salvador 'Pink' Dali video, "Please Don't Leave Me."
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