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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama Nominates Julius Genachowski to Head FCC

President Obama will nominate Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Genachowski, 47, clerked for Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter. He more recently was founder of local venture capital firm LaunchBox Digital, which funds start-ups primarily in mobile and Web 2.0 industries.

Genachowski has been friends with Barack Obama since undergraduate school at Columbia University and later at Harvard Law School. Obama brought Genachowski into his campaign at the beginning. He wrote Obama's technology and innovation plan for the campaign. He is considered to be the "godfather" of the President Obama's groundbreaking campaign tactics that utilized online social networks and YouTube to raise money and spread Obama's message.

Genachowski received his B.A. in history, magna cum laude, from Columbia University in 1985. He received his J.D. in 1991 from Harvard Law School. Genachowski was Chief of Business Operations and a member of Barry Diller's Office of the Chairman at IAC/InterActiveCorp. He had previously served on the Boards of Directors of Expedia, Hotels.com and Ticketmaster. He is married to Rachel Goslins, a documentary filmmaker. (Wash Post, 3/4/09) (Wiki)
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