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Friday, December 12, 2008

Shootout Among Top Hollywood Stars On Christmas Day

By Alan Smithee

Whoever comes out on top after the Christmas Day shootout will be perceived as being the number one box office star for 2009.

It's Will Smith vs Tom Cruise vs. Brad Pitt vs Jim Carey vs Adam Sandler for Christmas 2008. Who will come in first and who will come in fifth in the superstar shootout? Our guess is the listed order except for the Cruise wild card. Do people REALLY want to see an assassination-of-Hitler movie on Christmas? He would have a better chance with Mission Impossible IV.

Will Smith has "7 Pounds." Tom Cruise has "Valkyrie." Brad Pitt has "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Jim Carey has "Yes Man." And Adam Sandler has "Bedtime Stories." WOW. The most interesting ones are "7 Pounds" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." They will also get all of the ladies and men. The two comedies will get the preteens and teens. That does not leave very much for Mr. Cruise. The kids sure aren't going to see a war movie on Christmas Day.
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