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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reggie Love and Eugene Kang Assist President-Elect Obama

If President-Elect Obama is Morris Day, then Reggie Love, left, is Jerome Benton. And if Love is not available then Eugene Kang is there to assist the Commander-In-Chief-Elect. Do they carry the codes. Not yet and probably never will. Do they assist the most powerful chief executive in the world-to-be to be all he can be? Of course. These two personal assistants are confidants to an incoming United States president.

Reggie Love, 26, attended Duke University where he was a wide receiver on the football team and played on the basketball team.

Eugene Kang, 24, is a political activist who ran for the Ann Arbor City Council and lost. Kang, right, was an assistant and adviser to Obama during the campaign.
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