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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Has SAG Gone Insane?

By Alan Smithee

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is talking strike when a depression is about to hit Hollywood. Haven't they noticed that even Sumner Redstone is pleading with his bankers and will probably get in the government soup line soon with the other Wall Street welfare recipients? Duh.

Clearly this must be coming from the cream of SAG and not the rank and file. For to strike right now is to bust your own union. Then again, the SAG cream did separate itself in the last skirmish with the producers. The rank and file wanted to strike and the cream did not. Sounds like SAG could end up splitting into two separate unions: the Haves and the Have Nots.

Get a clue SAG. Arguing with the captain about the arrangement of the deck chairs when the ship is sinking is futile.
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