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Friday, September 05, 2008

Planet Green Desperately Needs More (and better) Content

By Environment Man

I really want to like Planet Green, but everytime I tune in it seems the same two or three shows are on. The Emeril cooking show seems to always be on. Sometimes I think Planet Green should be called The Cooking Show. No wonder they get the votes on the website. Emeril has the dominant number of episodes. Not that it isn't a good show, but it is just on all the time. The Greensburg shows are on all the time too. I guess 24 hours is a lot of time to fill.

Now I really like Renovation Nation and Supper Club, which is the best show on the network. Of course I like Mario Menounnos "Hollywood Green" show, but whenever Hollywood and green are mixed, it always seems so hypocritical. The celebrities should show us their homes and cars too if they are going to show us their green 'hobbies.' We ain't mad, we're just jealous because the rest of us want riches and fame too. The celebrities [except for Ed Begley, Jr.] just should not act like they are just driving around in a Prius and depending on solar for all of their electricity in their one little hugely expensive retrofitted or constructed 'environmentally friendly' house.

I really wanted to like "Battleground Earth" featuring Ludacris and Tommy Lee. But there was no chemistry between the two principals and the competition just seemed contrived. The conversation stilted. This probably looked really good on paper though. I know I was excited to see how it would work out. It is just that the result ended up seeming to trivialize what are serious energy and environmental issues. I know you were gunning for viewers via the use of celebrities and a boring 'documentary-type' of energy or environment show sends viewers clicking away, but surely these topics can be made interesting and entertaining.

I guess you also know by now we are leading to letting us show what we can do. Oh? We need a major sponsor? No problem. We have one or more. Give us a call. Of course I just saw where you've recruited Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now he always knows how to be educational and entertaining. Good addition. Now add us. Please.
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