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Monday, August 18, 2008

Kim 'Poprah' is the New Omarosa

By Environment Man

There is a new angry evil black woman America might come to love to hate. It is Kim 'Poprah' on Diddy's new show, "I Want to Work For Diddy." She is morbidly obese and has a sword-like tongue. She is smart as a whip and a cutthroat businesswoman. She would clearly be the best assistant for Diddy. She will have to drop some weight though. If for no other reason than her health.

She has so far outmaneuvered the other reality cast mates with cunning and trickery. She has baited and switched and bamboozled her competitors with vigor. On one show it was debated as to whether she faked and asthma attack to get out of hiking through the wooods. She might have induced the attack but the wheezing and coughing were real. I am an asthmatic. I know. She actually beat a guy who was in the military who had map and outback experience. He got the compass and map directions wrong.

Kim is narcissistic to the point of delusion. She has compared herself to Jesus and Martin Luther King, Jr. But you can tell that she is super sharp. Super aggressive too. She has that snarky self confidence that Omarosa has too. And the take-no-prisoners style. She snaps at people. She is mean. Yet she cries during the decision making process. Then in the 'after' comments brags that it is all an act. Watch out Omarosa. You have competition.
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