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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Al Gore Houseboat: Very Nice. We Want One Too.

Some purist environmentalists and some of our friends on the right are trying to paint Al Gore as a global warming hypocrite for having a 100-foot houseboat. He has a big house too and they complain about that. Well we are on your side Al. We particularly like the sliding board and jet ski on the back of the boat.

Al Gore is simply living the rich American life. He is living the life we all want. Big house. Big house boat. Big car. Big yard. Extra houses if we can
afford it. Hollywood leads the nation in this sort of lifestyle. And they still promote energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. We would like to do it just like them. Now to be fair they do purchase hybrid vehicles and put solar panels on their homes. But there is nothing wrong with being prosperous. Al Gore purchases offsets for his energy use. That is reasonable. Moreover, one can have large items with state-of-the art technology that can make them environmentally friendly.

Al Gore's houseboat is named "Bio-Solar One" because he put solar panels on it and it can use ethanol fuel. Of course, some mock him by calling it "B.S. One," but the purists and critics can be so dour. The houseboat is docked at the Hurricane Marina on Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tennessee, about 70 miles east of Nashville. AAEA would like to have similar houseboats, one at Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles and one at National Harbor just below Washington, D.C. If any rich celebrities want us to live just like Al Gore, we would be happy to accept the donations. Oh, and by the way, a little [lot] of boat gas money would be appreciated too.
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