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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ebony Lists The 25 Coolest Brothers of All Time

Ebony magazine, one of the world's great publications, along with Black Enterprise magazine, is issuing 8 covers for its August issue with 8 different 'coolest brothers.' They include:

1) Muhammad Ali, 2) Marvin Gaye, 3) Samuel Jackson, 4) Jay-Z, 5) Senator Barack Obama, 6) Prince, 7) Denzel Washington and 8) Billy Dee Williams.

Byron Monroe writes for Ebony:

"Black cool has been pursued but never captured. Imitated but never really quite understood. Over the past threee months and nearly a dozen meetings and discussions, the dietors of Ebony sought to identify the 25 Coolest Black Men of our time. We scoured the archives, polled the staff and identified more than 80 names of Brothers who we thought, in their prime, might qualify. We lobbied and we aregued. We even fought over the very definition of cool. Is it how they look? The walk? The confidence? In the end, we decided that there is no single definition of cool. It is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder."
The others included: 9) Don Cheadle, 10) Sidney Poitier, 11) Quincy Jones, 12) Lenny Kravitz, 13) Jimi Hendrix, 14) Richard Roundtree, 15) Sammy Davis, Jr, 16) Bob Marley, 17) Ed Bradley, 18) Tupac Shakur, 19) Adam Clayton Powerll, Jr., 20) Gordon Parks, 21) Miles Davis, 22) Walt Frazier, 23) Malcolm X, 24) Snoop Dogg, and 25) Michael Jordan.
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