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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mocking Environmental Justice: Berkeley Students Are Serious

Can satire be used to promote environmental justice? Some University of California at Berkeley students give it a try and seem to walk a fine line between satire and mockery. We know what they were trying to do but some environmental justice activists and victims of toxic pollution will not appreciate the 'satire.' Here is what the producers of the video wrote in explaining what they were trying to do:

"The video was supposed to be a satire on how indivduals would view environmental justice. We had only a day to make it and tried to get all members in our EJ class involved in the creation of it (it was an "extra credit" video). On behalf of the group, I appreciate the comments so far, and I'm even astounded that this video was able to elicit comments despite environmental justice's lack of interest among the general public."

"You know, how many people actually type "environmental justice" onto youtube compared to typing s--t like "Paris Hilton" or some other bulls--t. There are plenty of other (and perhaps more effective and better) ways of advocating environmental justice throughout the world. And perhaps people on youtube will see this video it will strike a note in their hearts to find new ways of advocating environmental justice."

They convey this message at the end of the video. The participating students are also listed at the end of the video.

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