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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cable News Shows Diversify In Response To Campaign

FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC went from being almost completely segregated to sprinkling Blacks throughout their programs to discuss, well, mostly 'Black' issues. We suppose all white panels could have continued to discuss Rev Jeremiah Wright, but management and the producers must have realized that they really didn't know what Blacks thought about it. We like it. We just wish Blacks would also be used to discussed the myriad issues facing society today. We do, however, understand the width, depth and height of the sickness.The cable shows have given new prominence to a handful of contributing black commentators:

Donna Brazile, Democratic strategist, campaign manager Al Gore run (CNN)
Roland S. Martin, journalist and radio host (CNN)
Amy Holmes, conservative strategist and speechwriter (Bill Frist R-TN) Jamal Simmons, Democratic strategist, Obama supporter and veteran press spokesman (CNN)
Michelle Bernard, conservative, lawyer (MSNBC)
Eugene H. Robinson, columnist, The Washington Post (MSNBC)
Joe Watkins, Republican strategist (MSNBC)
Harold Ford, Jr., a former Democratic congressman from Tenn (MSNBC) (Formerly FOX)
Juan Williams, National Public Radio correspondent (FOX)
Angela McGlowan, a Republican strategist (FOX)

But according to the National Association of Black Journalists, "The black pundits often disappear as quickly as they arrive and too often talk only about race.

"Gwen Ifill, a senior correspondent for “The Newshour With Jim Lehrer" on PBS and moderator of “Washington Week” covers general issues and has been with the program for some time. (The New York Times)
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