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Thursday, March 06, 2008

NYU Film School Student's "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday"

The filmmaker is looking for potential contributors.

Johnny Quinn Alston, right, is a 20 year old film school student seeking to produce and direct a film titled, "Tuesday, Wednesdy, Thursday," which is about a young man, Justin Case, who is puzzling over the fate of an environmentally flawed Earth and is isolated because of his extreme forward thinking. The young man overcomes the frustrating intellectual laziness of his human peers and the annoying uber-intelligence of the animate technology in his life. In an interesting twist, he makes contact, and receives contact in return, with a presence from the future of mankind.

The character Justin Case's tale is that of a young man from a relatively modest lifestyle who dares to not sit around and wait for tomorrow to come, but instead reaches out and brings tomorrow to himself. This proactive ambition calls not to the hopes and wishes of a world without problems, but the straight up conviction and integrity to DO something about them. The director says, "What I do not aim for is another dark, grimly fearful, sterile and condemning tale of the forward move in our parallel evolutions with technology." The budget for the short film is $10,000 with a production deadline of July 2008. The major goal of the film is to be shown at festivals worldwide. Send all correspondence to:
TWR c/o Johnny Quinn Alston
140 E. 14th Street, Apt 906B
New York,
NY 10003
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