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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hollywood Actors Might Strike

Film and television actors, who are members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) , are considering a strike. Just two weeks after the end of the 14 week strike by the 10, 500 member Writers Guild of America (WGA), now this. The WGA strike cost the local economy about $3 billion. SAG has many of the same contract demands that the WGA wanted. But SAG also faces issues unique to its 120,000 members, such as forced commercial endorsements through product placement in TV shows and movies. There is turbulence in Hollywood. Just when the television shows were about to restart, it all could crash again. And filmmakers will not start film productions that cannot be completed before the expiration of the SAG contract on June 30.

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co, Hollywood's leading insurance carrier, is even offering a first-of-its-kind "strike expense" policy for studios. The policy covers the costs of a strike-related production shutdown in the event that an actor's illness, equipment damage or other unexpected loss pushes the shooting schedule of a movie past SAG's June 30 contract deadline. Insurance companies are unwilling to issue for any film that cannot be finished by June 15. (The Washington Post)
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