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Friday, March 21, 2008

'The Faceless Nations' - A Novel By Dr. Eric Watford

An African American slave holds an ancient religious secret that can change the world. But will the secret he holds be revealed with devastating consequences. Marcus Walker's mother was hung and his sister was cut out of her belly. 'The Faceless Nations' illustrates racism in the 1880's in America through the eyes of Walker. The story moves from Texas to Colorado and illustrates the reconstruction period after the Civil War. His sister is a mysterious figure with special powers and her character provides an interesting juxtaposition to the transition of American society from slavery to free status. For more buy the book.

Dr. Eric Watford is a founding board member of AAEA. Dr. Watford is a medical doctor whose previous novel 'Rachel's Chronicle,' which is ebonics for racial chronicles was a sensational hit of the 20th Century. He mixes religion, slavery, racism, history, and mysticism in a blend of 19th Century adventure that captures the volatility of America during the transition into the 20th Century.
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