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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spock Was Cool and the Black Community Noticed

Star Trek was the coolest science fiction show of the 60s and Spock, left, was the coolest cat on the show. Not only did he have universal appeal, he was accepted in the Black community because he was cool. Not just cool, super cool. Now white guys in society aren't known for being cool even though Hollywood generated some cool characters. Humphrey Bogart, Fonzie, and of course Elvis Presley. But Black folks invented cool in America. They simply have not gotten credit for it. But we digress.

Spock was the cool to Captain Kirk's hot. Nothing phased Spock. Nothing. Not interdimensional bad guys or the Captain's tirades. Spock was cool under fire. Just as the brothers are because we might not have much, but we do have cool. Plus Star Trek communicated to Blacks that not only did they know it was there, they also included a major Black character among the star lineup, Lt. Uhura. So Blacks loved the show because they showed us some love AND they gave us one of the coolest dudes ever, Spock. Now later on they even gave us a Black Vulcan, Tuvok, right. And just to show that race is irrelevant and stereotypes are ridiculous, Spock was cooler than Tuvok.
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