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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Judge Identifies 9 Errors In Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Above: London, England Judge Michael Burton identified 9 significant errors in the film.

Teachers in Britain who show their students Al Gore's Oscar-winning climate change documentary must point out inaccuracies in the movie or break Britain's 1996 Education Act that bans the promotion of partisan politics at school. Stewart Dimmock, a truck driver and father of two brought the legal effort to have "An Inconvenient Truth" banned from schools in England because he felt the government of "brainwashing" students by promoting the documentary. Although his lawsuit failed, the High Court in London ruled that in order not to breach the Education Act, screenings would have to be accompanied by appropriate guidance that points out the flaws in Gore's argument.

Copies of the documentary will be shown to secondary school students aged 11-14. The Department for Children, Schools and Families' guidance is a 60-page document that goes through the film segment by segment, pointing out where Gore's assertions "do not accord with mainstream scientific opinion.” Teachers are told the documentary "promotes partisan political views," and to be careful that they do not promote those views. Teachers must also "help pupils examine the scientific evidence critically and point out where Gore's view may be inaccurate or departs from that of mainstream scientific opinion."

The guidance document, like the High Court ruling, does not call into question the underlying assertion of "An Inconvenient Truth" that most scientists believe climate change is happening; that it is caused mainly by manmade emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2); and that it will have serious consequences. Burton described "An Inconvenient Truth" as powerful and highly professional, but was now commonly understood that it is a political film, "not simply a science film." (Sources: New York Post, CNSNews.com, The Wash Post, USA Today, The New York Sun, ABC News, EcoEarth News)
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