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Monday, April 16, 2007

Don Imus and the Nappy Headed Ho

Give the old man his job back. He is almost dead anyway. And most whites do not care if blacks are insulted. "What's the big deal?" they think. They feel their free speech rights can justify saying just about anything except "fire" in the theater. Moreover, some feel blacks are on Earth to be kicked around. Particularly since they do not appear to be capable of defending themselves. [Note that we used 'they' there.] We believe you should defend yourself by any means necessary.

So big mouth Imus got himself fired. Maybe Howard Stern is looking over his shoulder. But Robin Quivers is his insurance policy. We listened to Imus and Stern (they hate each other). So although we sympathize with the nappy head (most blacks are ashamed of their natural curls), we have no sympathy for another toilet paper mouth picking on hapless, helpless black people. But blacks ARE an economic force in America and the world so corporate America did the dirty deed to Imus. The snowball got to rolling and Don was bounced. Now go kick the dog Don and leave the hapless alone.
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