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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CBC-Fox Partnership A Good Idea

We disagree with The Washington Afro American newspaper article entitled, "CBC-Fox Partnership A Bad Idea." We think it is a good idea. Fox also partners with the NAACP to present the NAACP Image Awards. They must be giving good deals and treating these groups right to get and retain them. Maybe the other elite networks do not make offers to these groups.

The Congressional Black Caucus Institute should be commended for taking the best deal. The Washington Afro American believes Fox News "has repeatedly proven itself hostile to the interests of Black Americans." They also state that Fox News is a "proven enemy of the African American community." We disagree. We watch Fox all the time and they are just conservative. They lambast nonconservatives, including Blacks. What's wrong with that? Blacks drank the kool aid in large numbers with Jim Jones. Blacks are also drinking the liberal secular progressive kool aid right now. We believe conservative principles are more indicative of Black community values than liberal principles.
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