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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beauty & the Geek Has Interesting Racial Component

Ashton Kutcher's Beauty & the Geek seems to have a rule that blacks are placed with Middle Easterners. A black woman was placed with a Middle Eastern man in the 1st installment and again in the second installment. Kutcher knows black and white culture so the producers must be playing to what they think people in Kansas will accept.

The women are supposed to be dumb and beautiful and the men are supposed to be smart, geeky and not so good looking. The black woman in the 2nd installment was really (how shall we put it?) not so bright. WOW. There is a certain sexual tension between the geeks and the beauties so we can see how the interracial sexual tension could make racists and mild racialists uncomfortable. These people should know, however, that there is much more interracial sex going on than is generallly publicized. And white men proved their lust for black female flesh from slavery on - - just look at all the light-skinned black people.
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