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Monday, December 18, 2006

Black Women Endangered Species on Morning Talk

First there was Star Jones. Now Rene Syler, left, has gotten the axe. Julie Chen married management and remains safe during each purge. Okay. So the ratings are the rifle in the hunt for a hit. And CBS morning talk has been in the cellar forever. Not even Bryant Gumble could pull it out after he came out of retirement following his successful run at NBC.

Syler is a professional but you can see the hurt behind her eyes. In television, she is the equivalent of the walking dead. But she still has to show up and act like she is happy. Torture. Somebody pass a law to protect the sisters from this sort of abuse. Then again, CBS was very good to Syler. She probably has a luxury condo overlooking Central Park. Her kids are probably in exclusive private schools. She probably has a house keeper. And lastly, she knew what she was getting in to. Hang in there Rene. You are talented. Like a cat, you will land on your feet.
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