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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Michael Richards Publicly Calls Blacks Niggers

Many Whites use this term to describe Blacks when they get angry. They just do not do it in public and in front of Blacks. It is our reparation. If you are white, you should be willing to pay this small price. Although today's Whites did nothing to Blacks, their ancestors brutalized our ancestors and whites today continue to benefit from the past oppression of blacks.

Michael Richards is a rich, privileged White person. He chose to continue our brutalization. Some Whites think blacks are here to be kicked around just because they are dark people. Get a clue Michael KKKramer. If you like hearing a white racist use the term NIGGER, then enjoy this video. YouTube is deleting it so it might not be on long. It is a reminder to us and like the Jewish people, our response is: "NEVER AGAIN."

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