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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Governator Likes Hot Blood

So what did the governor of Cal - Lee - fornia mean when he said Latinas are 'hot?' Did he mean they are hot blooded? Hot headed? Or sexy hot? Probably all of the above. Some Latinos have complained that it is insulting to be considered hot headed. Point taken. But was Arnie giving a compliment here? He seemed to be saying that he likes the 'hot-ness' of Puerto Ricans with some 'black blood' in them.

He apologized. We think it was a Hollywood stunt. It is election season and very little is left to chance. Of course Virginia Senator George Allen is reeling from a monkey comment, but otherwise these campaigns are stage managed. Are we really to believe this tape accidently caught him mouthing about 'hot' Latinas and it just happened to leak. We're not buying it black farmer. And we are sure that Maria is questioning you about your admiration of that 'hot' blood.
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