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Friday, September 15, 2006

Blacks Show Inferiority on First Episode of "Survivor"

Definitively proving that blacks are lower on the evolutionary scale, the first episode of "Survivor," showed that the black tribe could not build a boat or start a fire. Boat building is clearly a chore for the group that came down out of the trees the earliest in the Darwinian view. Thank you Mark Burnett for clearing this up for America.

The black tribe proved their inferiority by losing the first challenge. They could not figure out how to put together their "puzzle boat," but the Asian, white and Latino teams not only put their boats together first, they also rowed it out to a flame and rowed back. The 'closer-to-the-monkey' blacks then had to get rid of one of their own by sending someone from their team (a woman) to another team. Great symbolism there. The black man cannot take care of his woman so she is given to someone else.
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