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Monday, August 14, 2006

WEEDS : The Dope Show Makes a Comeback

Not since Cheech & Chong popularized dope in the early 1970s has a show about pot been popular. But "Weeds" is Showtime's highest-rated series. Mary Louis Parker, middle left, of "The West Wing" fame is the star and chief pot dealer. Her husband died and she has to make money to raise her two sons. Her brother moves in too. And to keep it interesting, she falls for a DEA agent.

Parker's character is quite the slut. She bangs a rival Latino dealer in an alley on a car. There is also heat between her and a black character, "Conrad Shepard," played by Romany Malco, right. We doubt this flame will be lit. He did bed her best friend in her car outside a club though. Of course, Parker gets her pot from a black pot dealing family. In one show their house got shot up.
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