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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wedding Crashers Did Not Crash A Black Wedding

They crashed a white wedding, an Asian wedding and a Jewish wedding, but not a black wedding. We are sure the creators of the movie discussed it and decided that the best way to avoid controversy would be to skip a black wedding. Here's why. Although both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are very comfortable around blacks, having them basically 'play' black women would be 1) probably completely unbelievable, and 2) smack of white guys further abusing black women. But if this is the case then they shouldn't have based it in Washington, D.C., a majority black city.

There will be a sequel and the two wedding crasher couples might crash a black wedding. The possibilities there are intriguing and probably avoid the racial land mines that would have two white playboys using and disposing of black women. Moreover, this is the exclusive territory of the Hip Hop misogynists and misogymists. With the couples the black guys can hit on the white women while the white guys are hitting on the black women. And heaven forbid they should add an interracial romance to this romantic comedy.
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