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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tiger Woods Spews Toxic Waste From His Mouth

Tiger Woods is a Buddhist. He also curses God like he is in a Hollywood movie. Hollywood has an unwritten contract that God must be cursed at least once in every movie, except children's animations. When Tiger hits a bad shot he lets loose with a shouted God curse. Of course since Tiger probably worships Tiger, he evidently does not care about the children present on the golf course or people who find cursing God quite offensive.

Tiger tries to justify his blaspheming by saying that nobody complained when Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer cursed. Well what does one gain even if he gains the whole world (or majors) but loses his soul? Tiger has so much discipline in his golf game and personal life. Why can't he exercise that same discipline over his toxic mouth? We are sure his sponsors, the PGA and the networks wince everytime he curses on live TV. Save your soul Tiger. Preserve the innocence of children. Give your sponsors a break. And wash your dirty mouth out with soap.
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