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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flavor Flav and "Flavor of Love 2" on MTV

The second season of Public Enemy front man Flavor Flav's monster hit, "Flavor of Love 2," starts on August 6 at 10 pm on MTV. This show is high art. Flav has moved from the Hood to Hollywood. Last seasons highlight was when the white girl hocked a huge wad of spit on the hoochie momma black chick. They slow motioned it and showed it over and over. The ladies fighting over Flav was a rave. Flav has much personality. Star quality.

The second season should be a riot. The gals acting like they like or even love Flav and passionately kissing him to gain favor is television at its finest. The cat fights over Flav shouldn't be missed. And please, please, please bring back Brigette Nielsen (remember her from Beverly Hills Cop III and Red Sonja?). It was in MTV's "Strange Love" show that broke Flav out as a TV star. Strange Love was a huge hit too. Go Flav.

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