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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hollywood Dogs Prince George's County

Gina Davis' ABC TV show "Commander-In-Chief" helped to keep businesses from locating in the county by presenting an unrealistically negative image of this Washington, DC suburb. Okay, so the murder rate is rising rapidly in Prince George's County. But massive protests in Hyattsville about the increase? Ludicrous. The lady president comes to eat in the county and it is a chitlins and chops joint. Hilarious. And a bit stereotypically racist. We like lobster too. They could have also visited a nice restaurant at Capital Centre or Bowie Town Center. What about also mentioning that Prince George's is the richest majority black county in the U.S.? But it is also the poorest county in the Washington Metropolitan Area. What about the fact that Hyattsville is a model of integration and chic old school suburbia? AAEA Headquarters is in Prince George's County. ABC should consider another show that presents the many postives in the county.

The politicos held a big press conference and howled about the negative characterization. At a time when only two of the largest 125 public companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area are in Prince Georges's County, the last thing the county needed was a national television show advertsing that the county is a murder haven with inarticulate, chitlin-eating Negroes. At a fictitious meeting on the show to address grievances, one black woman says we need, "more better police." I mean Gina Davis as the president has a black chief of staff, who is a Republican from Prince George's County (and here we thought Lt. Gov Michael was the only one), so you would think she would have a sensitivity to the development needs of the county. Instead she ordered federal marshalls in to help subdue the murdering, chitlin-eating, inarticulate Negroes. Egads, forced into a whining position again.

UPDATE: Commander-In-Chief was cancelled right after this episode (at least for the rest of this season). We wouldn't be surprised if they try to resurrect it in the Fall.

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