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Friday, April 21, 2006

Omarosa's Online Short Film Debut

The movie "Soul Sistahs," starring Omarosa, left, is about space, power, and a red dress. The promo for describes the action: "An old yenta drag queen from outer space kidnaps Omarosa and forces the reality star to steal Donald Trump's hair in an effort to control the universe." Arnold Schwarzezegger had Red Sonja and Conan the Barbarian, which ultimately led to The Terminator. Let's hope "Soul Sistashs" will do the same for Omarosa.
Some observations: Donald Trump's hair as a source of power is a good plot angle. Why does Omarosa stand with her legs far apart? The special effects are right out of early "Star Trek." Why the name "Soul Sistahs" when there are few characters and Omarosa is the only black person in the short film?
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