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Friday, December 02, 2005

AEon Flux & Black Monkey Woman

Although the movie is visually stunning, intelligent and has okay action, the image of one black character, Sithandra, was interesting - - her feet were surgically replaced with hands. She proceeded to swing from tree limbs. Maybe it wasn't intended, but this modification essentially turned her into a monkey. Or maybe racism was intended. What do you think?

The setting for the movie takes place 400 years in the future, after a virus decimated 99% of the earth’s population. What is left of mankind, now reduced to only 5 million souls, resides within a walled city-Utopia called Bregna. Doesn't it seem that in Hollywood the Earth is often decimated by a virus in the future?

Æon is a citizen of the anarchist country of Monica and is a tall, sexy, scantily-clad secret agent . Æon is sent on a mission to assassinate Trevor Goodchild, biology expert and ruler of Bregna, as well as a direct descendent of the scientist who had saved humanity from oblivion by devising a cure for the virus. Things don’t go exactly as planned. They never do in these movies do they?
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