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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

TV President Prevents Oil Spill

The Nov 1, 2005 episode of Commander-in-Chief starring Gina Davis had her saving the Gulf, Florida and the East Coast from a massive oil spill from a damaged oil tanker. The fictional governor of Florida and the power-hungry Speaker of the House (Donald Sutherland) wanted the president to sink the tanker instead of risking it breaking up while trying to dock at a port in Florida. The environmental group in the episode supported the speaker and the governor (partisan politics--the president is an independent and the speaker is a Democrat). Interestingly, during negotiations, Gina as president, opposed a permanent ban on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf citing the country's need for oil as her rationale.

In Hollywood the White House Chief of Staff is black. In Bush's Washington the Secretary of State is black. Advantage Bush.
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