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Monday, November 21, 2005

Laurie's Global Warming Show

Taped in Las Vegas, the two hour TBS broadcast of Earth to America featured some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Tom Hanks playing acoustic guitar was particularly interesting. Laurie David is quite active in publicizing the problem of global warming. Unfortunately, she is promoting Hollywood solutions to the problem. She and Leonardo DiCaprio always highlight their Prius ownership and promote personal efficiency retrofits, when we all know that they have multiple homes and cars. Thus, such frugality recommendations ring hollow to us. They should show us their other cars and homes. Larry David is delightfully irreverent in this regard.

This is America and everyone wants big houses, multiple cars, every electronic device we can stuff in our homes, plus BIG boats and large properties. The real solution is to provide the American way of life through appropriate technology. They do have half of the equation right though in promoting hybrid vehicles. We must aggressively push NUCLEAR POWER combined with plug-in fuel cell powered hybrid vehicles to solve our global climate change problems. Cedric the Entertainer and Wanda Sykes participated in the show.
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