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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dawn of the Dead: Environmentalists?

If you like a good dead flik, you will love this one. No matter what environmental catastrophe caused the dead to rise again, these dead in the 2004 version can RUN. Just like the rage zombies in 28 Days Later, these undead can really get up. Nicole, evidently an extreme animal lover, risks her life to save her dog from the undead. Then the rest of the cast risks their lives to save her. The fun part about these movies is to see who will make it.

This movie could represent the current state of the environmental movement in the 21st Century as described by the Reapers in The Death of Environmentalism. The undead, like many extremist environmentalists, are running to infect others to make them undead. There were interracial couples in both films. (View Trailer)
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