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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Minority Report: Clean Air

Minority Report is a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. The technology is very well researched and presented. The most compelling item in the movie though is the automated manufacture of magnetic electric vehicles (in the case of the movie, right in downtown Washington, DC.). We can assume that everyone everywhere drives this emissionless vehicle that drives up the sides of skyscrapers (prohibited in the city limits). Note that Cruise is standing on one in the picture. If all cities in the U.S. used vehicles like the ones in the movie, along with utilizing a plug-in state-of-the art battery technology, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid recharged with a combination of nuclear power plant electricity and hydrogen production, then there would not be smog in the cities and climate change would be reduced- - just as there is none in the movie. A really smart movie, except for the divination stuff.
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