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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Erin Brockovich- Chromium $6

Hollywood can make a hit out of a pollution story.
It is reported that Erin Brockovich pocketed $2 million. Julia Roberts, left, was paid $20 million for the film. PG&E settled for $300 million. The movie grossed almost $100 million.

Brockovich stumbles upon medical records in a real estate file concerning one of her employer/attorney's clients, which piques her interest. Her interest grows as she learns more about Hinkley, California and its residents. It seems that a statistically disproportionate number of the residents were ill with rare diseases. Environmental justice advocates would have loved a movie that depicted pollution in minority communities. Of course, who would play Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich? Halle Berry? Would such a film be successful?
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