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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oprah: EPA of Pop Culture

If there is pollution in American pop culture, Oprah will be there to clean it up. Dave Chapelle melts down. Oprah reprocesses him. Have a socio-mental disorder that leads to public spillage? Oprah delivers Dr. Phil. Need to dump a wife and jump on a couch to proclaim your love for a new mother of your child? Jump on Oprah's couch. David Letterman begs for years for an Oprah moment. He gets her, record ratings and escorts her on the New York streets to The Color Purple.

Oprah is the Environmental Protection Agency of pop culture in Amerca. She regulates the air. If you are a Hollywood celebrity and your water is polluted, you must swim in her waters and drink from the Oprah fountain to get purified. Oprah even addressed global climate change with Leonardo DiCaprio. So if you are a celebrity and need your regulations promulgated, go to Oprah. Even if your waste is toxic, she will clean your environment for you.
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