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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Toon Characters Speak Out

Daffy Duck was always in the shadow of Bugs Bunny. Bugs was unfairly favored at the studio. Their images were twisted to favor Bugs. While ducks are really cool (they can fly and swim), rabbits are goofy (they dart about and drop quantities of little round turds). Okay, Bugs is the white guy and Daffy is the black guy. And Daffy never got a break. He was left to always be the whiny victim. Bugs got all the cool lines and demeanor.

UPDATE (2007): AAEA-Hollywood has discovered that Bugs Bunny was originally Black. Quite a conundrum. A cruel twist.

Marvin the Martian is a black Martian obsessed with getting the Earth out of the way of his view of Venus. His weapon of choice is the Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. Interestingly, a black, even on Mars, is associated with a gun and portrayed as posing a threat to the Earth. Viva la Daffy. Viva la Marvin. We demand equal treatment with Bugs.

Unfortunately, black-on-black violence is being exhibited by Daffy and Marvin even on Mars. Daffy constantly tries to steal the crystal that powers Marvin's ray gun and Marvin shoots Daffy with the atomizer, decomposing him in the process. Bugs usually intervenes to assist with Daffy's reatomization. The Mars Chapter of the NAACP is ignoring the issue.
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